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My new book: The Path Through Infinity's Rainbow is now available!

My previous book: Infinity's Rainbow is still available also.

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The Path Through Infinity's Rainbow is available from:

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"An insightful call to arms about our precarious 21st century. That this is the crucial century few can now doubt, and Byron sees this well."

Gregory Benford, PhD, Bestselling author of Deep Time and Timescape.

"Infinity’s Rainbow offers some of the most compelling evidence for the realities of Peak Oil, global warming, climate change, famine and pandemic disease that I have ever seen. Byron has clearly done his homework and thoroughly documents every assertion in the book....Infinity’s Rainbow is a fine read and is a stunning wake-up call."

Carolyn Baker, PhD author of: U.S. History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn't Tell You.

"See a new book by my friend Mike Byron: Infinity’s Rainbow: The Politics of Energy, Climate and Globalization....all told, a very good book and an important one."

David Brin, PhD, Bestselling author of Earth, The Postman, The Transparent Society.


"If you care about the future, yours or that of your children, you must read this book. It is not all hopeless, for Byron gives us actions and ideas we can take to reclaim our planet before it is too late. The coming changes are big, maybe even massive, but taking those steps today can perhaps make then survivable, and even turn things around so that maybe there will indeed be a pot of gold at the end of "Infinity's Rainbow." Byron tells us at the end of his book, "This is our one and only chance. Let's not blow it!" Will we heed that call to action?"

Rev. Marie D. Jones, Vice President Progressive Democrats of America, San Diego, Co-Author of  Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed the Course of Human History, Author of Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

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 Barnes & Noble.com - www.bn.com

You will be amazed at this intensively-researched and extensively-documented book. In his easily readable but stunningly comprehensive work, Mike Byron carefully explains the links between the seemingly disparate problems of corporate personhood, failed politics, peak oil, endless war, religious fundamentalism, creeping global fascism, global warming, and increasingly vicious hurricanes and tornadoes. You will literally feel the scales falling from your eyes.

Infinity's Rainbow is a wake-up call for the human race.

We stand at the brink of a precipice. A follow-up book will be coming to tell us what to do about all of this (it was too much to include in this book, said the publisher), how to save ourselves from the now-inevitable cataclysm, and how to piece civilization back together afterward. The first step is to understand how we got to this point.

This is the most important book that I have ever read. It scares the hell out of me, but it's better to know than not knowing. Ignorance is not "blissful" -- it is stupid, irresponsible, and possibly suicidal. "Blissful ignorance" is no longer an affordable option. Understanding is what we need now, and Infinity's Rainbow gives it to us.

Buy this book. Infinity's Rainbow and its sequels will be the cheapest and best investments that you have ever made in your own future, and the future of your children and family.

Ramona Byron